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NUVEQ® heat resistant Hay Net

NUVEQ® heat resistant Hay Net


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Nuveq Hay Nets – Your Ideal Solution for High-Temperature Hay Steaming!

When it comes to hay steaming in temperatures exceeding 100°C, you need equipment that can handle the heat. Nuveq Hay Nets are purpose-built to provide performance, durability, and safety for your horses.

Resilience Beyond Compare:
Unlike conventional hay nets, our Nuveq Hay Nets won't contract or distort under extreme heat. They maintain their structural integrity, ensuring your hay retains its nutritional value and top quality.

Safety Without Compromise:
Safety is our top priority, which is why we've engineered these hay nets without any metal components. Instead, we've integrated robust plastic rings that are corrosion-resistant and pose no threat to your horse.

Practical and Spacious:
With a practical 150cm diameter, these hay nets offer ample room to hold a substantial amount of hay. Forget about struggling to fit hay into smaller nets – enjoy the convenience of the perfect size.

Nuveq Hay Nets are crafted to provide dependable performance during high-temperature hay steaming. Whether you're a professional or a dedicated horse owner, these nets will streamline your hay preparation process.

Enhance your hay steaming experience with Nuveq Standard-Sized Hay Nets – where practicality, durability, and safety converge to ensure your equine companions savour the finest quality forage. Secure yours today for effortless hay preparation!

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