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Hay Steamer

Discover the superior care your horse deserves with the new NUVEQ® Hay Steamer. Bid farewell to coughing fits and welcome back vitality. Our steaming process reduces up to 99% of hay irritants, promoting respiratory health, while adding essential moisture for better digestion and hydration. With proven palatability, your horse gets all they need from their hay. Save on vet bills and medications while ensuring optimal care for your equine companion.

  • Kills 99% of bacteria & spores and binds respirable dust particles
  • Shortened steaming time due to only heating small amounts of water at a time
  • Up to 30-35 kg forage capacity
  • Robust - rugged box for everyday stable use

Suitable for steaming!

Hay Nets

The NUVEQ hay nets are designed to be heat-resistant and are perfect for use in hay steamers. During steaming, temperatures reach over 100°C, most hay nets are not heat resistant and can shrink or melt. Additionally, our nets are metal-free to prevent any risk of burns during use.

  • Standard - about 3-5 kg of hay (107cm)
  • Large - about 6-8 kg of hay (107cm)

Hygienic, safe & flexible


The NUVEQ® Durabale feed rake is specifically designed to reduce hay waste and thereby save costs.

  • Assembled in a few minutes
  • Saves money due to less hay waste
  • Extremely stable & durable
  • Also suitable for foals and ponies
  • Very light, weight per part 26 kg
  • Sustainable, made from recycled plastic
  • Suitable for paddocks and stables



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With over 45 years experience in horse health we are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service, great advice and innovative solutions and we are here to help you every step of the way to a healthy horse.

Our passion is the health of our horses. For this reason, FS animal health is committed to comprehensively researching the topic of "horse health" and improving the health of our horses. By working closely with veterinarians, we develop products that help our customers achieve the best for their horses. We share our knowledge free of charge to help find the ideal product for each horse. This is because we know that every horse is different and requires individual care. Our commitment is to the health and wellbeing of your horse.

NUVEQ® - Innovations for healthy horses.

Innovation for healthier horses. Because the health of our horses is close to all our hearts. That is exactly why FS animal health has made it its business to look at the topic of "horse health" from all sides and to improve the health of our beloved animals. We support our customers in the best possible way by working directly with veterinarians and developing products with them, providing knowledge free of charge and helping to find exactly the right product for each horse. Because every horse is special!

NUVEQ hay steamer - Full steam ahead to a healthy horse.

Our hay box is the reliable companion in everyday stable life and withstands all loads. Overheating or instability are not issues - here our focus is on stability and flexibility. Decalcification is not necessary and the steamer is quickly up to temperature. By heating small amounts of water, our FS steamer is up to 85-100 degrees in no time, saving valuable time on the very first process. Our 360° steaming system ensures that the hay is steamed all around, with no cold or unsteamed spots. The hay box is suitable for all cases and can steam nets, loose hay as well as small bales. Cleaning is quick and easy. Effectively eliminating the cause of coughing in horses not only counteracts symptoms, but also ensures a healthy stable environment in the long term.