In addition to the statutory warranty, you receive a manufacturer's warranty of 24 months (UK 12 months) from the date of delivery on the NUVEQ® hay steamers. The warranty includes both repair and replacement of the NUVEQ® hay steamer or parts thereof, as required. The necessary spare parts and labor are included.

Warranty conditions

  • The warranty is valid from the date of delivery.
  • The proof of purchase must be presented in advance in order to claim all services.
  • The repair will be carried out by FS animal health or a service provider commissioned by FS animal health. FS animal health will not reimburse any costs for repairs by third parties commissioned by you.
  • FS animal health can provide you with a loan steamer for the duration of the repair for a fee. This is an additional service. The availability depends on the stock. Please contact FS animal health for more information.
  • If a spare part for the NUVEQ® hay steamer is no longer available due to model changes or other circumstances, a spare part with similar functionality will be used.
  • The use of warranty services of any kind does not extend the warranty period of 24 months (UK 12 months).

Warranty exceptions

Excluded from the warranty in any case:

  • Signs of wear due to ordinary stress and normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused, for example, by accidents, improper handling (use contrary to the procedure described in the operating instructions or with materials/substances not described in the operating instructions), negligent use or misuse.
  • Defects that occur as a result of maintenance, repairs or modifications by third parties
  • Removal of foreign bodies in steamer, hoses or hay box

If the warranty inspection reveals that an exception to the warranty exists, FS animal health will charge you for the services performed.

Always feel free to contact us if you have a question about using your NUVEQ® hay steamer. We will help you find the best course of action to avoid warranty issues!