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NUVEQ® Descaler Concentrate Hay Steamer Liquid 2.5 l

NUVEQ® Descaler Concentrate Hay Steamer Liquid 2.5 l


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The NUVEQ Hay Steamer Descaler concentrate was specially developed for cleaning and maintaining steam generators.

  • Effective concentrate for descaling steam generators
  • Better descaling effect than conventional products
  • Effective ingredients: aminosoulfonic acid, anionic surfactants
  • Contents 2.5l sufficient for 10 descaling processes

2.5 liter canister for 10 uses. 250ml liquid descaler is required per cleaning process.

Ingredients, application, danger and safety information: see data sheet.

Attention: This descaler is for use in the NUVEQ® Fresh Steam Generator, or for other branded steam generators that do require descaling. All other NUVEQ® models do not require descaling and must explicitly not be filled with descaling agents or cleaning agents, otherwise the device may be damaged. Please note the operating instructions. 

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