Fewer breathing problems - more vitality

Your Advantages

Here are just a few of the advantages of the NUVEQ® that were particularly important to us during development:

A sturdy hay box!

In the dynamic environment of a stable yard, accidents are bound to occur. Therefore, it was imperative for us to engineer a hay box that could withstand the demands of busy yard life and the unpredictability of horses. Whether it's a bump, a kick, or a playful nibble, our hay box is designed to endure and remain intact.

Overheating is non-existent.

Sometimes, with horses, tasks can take longer than expected. That's why we designed our boilers to automatically stop steaming when the water runs dry, triggering an alarm to indicate the end of the steaming cycle. No more concerns about boilers overheating or running dry!

Descaling not necessary.

Descaling becomes a thing of the past with NUVEQ Hay Steamers. Just empty the small limescale reservoir located at the bottom of the boiler every month, a task that only takes 5 minutes!

Faster up to temperature.

The NUVEQ steamer quickly reaches its temperature by heating up small amounts of water, saving a significant amount of time right from the first use.

Hay steamed all around.

Our 360° steaming system ensures thorough steaming with no cold or unsteamed areas.

Flexible Hay Steaming

The NUVEQ Hay Steamer is designed to steam hay in nets, loose hay, and whole conventional bales, ensuring optimal performance across all options.

Quick and Easy Cleaning.

Cleaning the NUVEQ Hay Steamer is effortless – a quick spray with the hose and the box is clean.


Addressing the root cause of coughing horses is more effective than merely treating the symptoms. Target the heart of the issue!

All technical Details

Colour Black
Brand NUVEQ®
Power Source Detachable Power Cable
Voltage 220 - 240V AC
Power/Wattage PRO 3.2 kW / PLUS 6.4 kW
Size H 98 cm x B 160 cm x L 94 cm
Inner Dimensions H 70 cm x B 130 cm x L 69 cm
Weight 73 kg
Capacity Approx. 30 - 35kg of forage
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Fewer breathing problems


Practical Background Knowledge

Why should hay be steamed at all? How can hay be harmful to horses at all? And is the whole thing proven at all?

Horses are obligate nose breathers

They can only breathe through their nose, even when they are in respiratory distress.

In healthy horses, inhaled particles such as dust, tiny plant parts, fungal spores, etc. are usually trapped in the sticky mucus layer of the upper respiratory tract. Subsequently, tiny hairs carry this mucus upward, where it is swallowed rather than inhaled, and thus does not reach the lungs. This process is called the mucociliary escalator. In horses in which this function is impaired, the respirable particles can go directly into the lower airways and trigger an inflammatory response. In the process, the mucus becomes thicker and harder to move, and the hairs can be damaged and the airways narrowed. So the affected horse coughs to open the airways.

Poor quality hay

Anyone who regularly fills hay nets or pulls hay from the bale will immediately notice that this is a particularly dusty business. Even good quality hay and haylage contain high amounts of allergens which poses a serious threat to the health of horses.

The dust in hay consists of many different dust particles, some of which are organic plant and soil particles, but can also be potentially allergenic bacteria, molds, fungi, mite feces endotoxins or beta-glucans. It is precisely these that can lead to respiratory inflammation and disease.

The respirable dust particles in hay are particularly harmful. These particles, which are smaller than 5 µm, are harmful. It has been proven that especially the amount of bacteria, molds and fungal spores in horses causes allergies and respiratory diseases such as equine asthma (also COPD), Heaves and recurrent airway obstruction (RAO).

What science says

Studies show that steaming hay binds dust and almost completely kills all harmful bacteria and molds. Treatment by steaming hay reduced the number of respirable particles by ~100% of those present in dry hay. At the same time, nutrient levels of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and copper were shown to be as high in steamed hay as in dry hay.


A hay steamer belongs in every stable for the hygienic upgrading of the hay. So that we can continue to watch our favorites galloping across the meadows.

NUVEQ® Hay Steamer- vitality and health for your horse.


‍ ‍ – Full steam ahead to a healthy horse

The NUVEQ hay steamer offers complete steam treatment, ensuring dust-free, germ-free, and spore-free hay. This results in healthier horses capable of breathing deeply and enjoying unrestricted movement across meadows. By reducing respiratory issues, our steamer promotes a greater sense of vitality.

Built upon practical experience, our solutions are tailored closely to the needs of horse owners. Our products are designed to be functional, robust, and rigorously tested in real-world scenarios to effectively assist horses with respiratory conditions.



For which horses would steamed hay be useful?

Steamed hay is especially suitable for horses with respiratory diseases such as Equine Asthma, Heaves, RAO and IAD. Feeding steamed hay is also recommended for horses with dust allergies, etc. But also all horses benefit from steamed hay.

How long does it take before I see positive effects from steaming?

For horse owners managing respiratory problems, various factors influence outcomes. While roughage quality is vital, it's just one aspect. Factors like husbandry, exercise, and veterinary care also matter. Thus, pinpointing when improvements will occur can be tricky. Nonetheless, changes are often noticeable soon after intervention.

Our NUVEQ hay steamer offers dust-free, germ-free, and spore-free hay, promoting healthier horses. Designed with practical experience and rigorously tested, our products aid respiratory health effectively.

Why is steaming better than soaking?

Steaming hay effectively eliminates nearly all bacteria and mold spores, while also capturing respirable dust particles, potential allergens for horses. Furthermore, steamed hay retains only slight moisture, avoiding excessive wetness. This allows for safe feeding for up to 24 hours when stored properly, unlike wet hay, which requires more immediate use.

Additionally, steamed hay maintains its aroma and nutrient content, making it more appealing to many horses compared to watered hay, where valuable substances can be washed out. Our steaming process ensures hay remains fresh and nutritious, promoting optimal health and satisfaction for your equine companions.

Which power connection do I need?

A common steamer requires a power supply of a constant 3.2 kW. Ideally, the steamer should have its own fused circuit. Often, especially in older barns, it is therefore necessary to lay a new power line especially for the steamer. Therefore, please always check the available power connection before purchasing!

Where can I visit a NUVEQ near me?

FS animal health has various partners who have purchased a NUVEQ® hay steamer and where you can take a look at the NUVEQ®. Just call us at +44 (0)1730 716 084. We will direct you to the best place.

NUVEQ® - Full steam ahead to a healthy horse

NUVEQ Hay Steamers effectively addresses both the causes and symptoms of equine respiratory issues, such as equine asthma, by providing dust-free, germ-free, and spore-free hay. This advanced solution promotes optimal respiratory health in horses, enabling them to breathe deeply and roam freely in meadows without hindrance. With fewer breathing problems and a reduction in equine asthma symptoms, horses experience a heightened quality of life and a greater sense of joy. Trust NUVEQ to safeguard your horse's well-being and vitality with our innovative equine respiratory care solutions.

The advantages of the NUVEQ hay steamer

Our robust hay steamer box is built to endure the rigors of daily barn routines without the risk of overheating. With a focus on flexibility and durability, our Hay Steamer is easy and quick to descale, simply remove one screw to empty collection monthly, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Experience rapid heating with our FS steamer, reaching temperatures of 85-100 degrees swiftly, saving valuable time during the steaming process. Our innovative 360° steaming system guarantees uniform steaming, leaving no cold or unsteamed areas. Whether hay is in nets, loose, or small bales, our system delivers optimal results for every scenario.

Enjoy quick and effortless cleaning for maximum efficiency. By addressing the root cause of coughing horses, our steamer offers a more effective solution than merely treating symptoms.

Hay Steaming helps coughing horses

Respiratory inflammation and conditions like equine asthma (including COPD), also known as heaves, can be triggered by allergenic bacteria, molds, fungi, mite feces, endotoxins found in hay.

Our hay steaming process effectively addresses these concerns by binding dust and nearly eradicating all harmful bacteria and molds, thereby significantly reducing the number of respirable particles by approximately 99%. Moreover, this method preserves essential nutrients within the hay.

For horses prone to respiratory issues, incorporating a hay steamer into every stable becomes imperative for enhancing hay hygiene and promoting good equine respiratory health. With our innovative hay steaming technology, stables can ensure optimal respiratory hygiene, mitigating the risk of equine asthma, COPD, recurrent airway obstruction (RAO), and other respiratory ailments, while preserving essential nutrients for the horses' well-being.