Safe & flexible for happy healthy horses.

Reduce hay wastage safely

Safe & flexible for happy healthy horses.

Durabale Hay Feeder

The NUVEQ® Durabale Hay Feeder has been engineered to minimise hay waste, this innovative Hay Feeder not only saves you money but also prioritises safety. Crafted from sturdy yet lightweight plastic, this UV-stable and shatterproof hay feeder ensures durability without the risk of sharp edges that could harm your horses. By opting for plastic over standard metal hay feeders, injuries are significantly reduced, providing peace of mind for both you and your equine companions.

The NUVEQ® Durabale Hay Feeder is ease of use, with three individual parts that are simple to transport and assemble, setting up or relocating is a breeze.

Your Advantages

Assembled in a few minutes

Saves money due to less hay waste

Extremely stable & durable

Also suitable for foals and ponies

Lightweight, 26 kg per section

Sustainable, made from recycled plastic

Suitable for paddocks and stables

Plastic for fewer injuries